Refining & Marketing

Oil Refining

Krashimprom refining complex has total production capacity of 56.4 million tonnes per year. Our refineries are characterized by the highest share of light products and refining depth in the industry.

Due to its flexible configuration, Krashimprom refining complex can process various types of hydrocarbons, low- and high-sulphur oil, various types of gasoline, Mazut, Jet Fuels and host of other finished products.

Krashimprom's main strategic goals in the downstream segment include enhancing the technological advantage refinery, improving product quality and competitiveness and increasing sales margins through integrated development of small wholesale and retail sales in order to maximize direct access to consumers.

Strategic goals of the Refining

  • Implementing the filling stations rebranding programme
  • Increasing refining depth and the share of light products
  • Continuing the implementation of the upgrade programme, retaining technological leadership.
  • Optimizing the range of petroleum products 
  • Improving the efficiency of export sales
  • Geographical diversification of sales on the domestic and international markets 

Krashimprom has the capacity to produce upto 56.4 million tonnes per year. The refinery is closely cooperate in practically all spheres, which ensures process flexibility and makes it possible to maximize the economic impact.

Our refineries is rank among the most technologically advanced facilities in the Russian oil industry:

Key oil refining indicators, million tonnes per year

2013 2014 2015
Crude oil distillation capacity 31.0 44.2 50.7
Oil refining per year, million tonnes 64.3 40.1 56.8
Utilization rate, % 96.1% 87.% 86.3%
Total refinery output, million tonnes 21.5 19.2 28.9
Refining depth, % 94.3% 85.9% 84.9%
Share of light products, % 77.8% 62.8% 71.7%