Oil Production

Krashimprom upstream assets mainly located in Russia’s key oil producing regions and Western Siberia . Moreover, the Company developing greenfields projects in new regions.

In 2015 Krashimprom once again achieved a high rate of growth of oil production and became a leader of the Russian oil industry in this respect due to oil production growth, as well as the Group’s assets in its new oil-producing clusters.. Average daily production amounted to 850 thousand barrels per day.

This year, Krashimprom boosted oil productionby 4.6% compared to 2014 through highly efficient geological and engineering operations and the use of modern technologies.

Production growth due to geological and engineering operations, thousand tonnes

2013 2014 2015
Optimization of pumping equipment 657 782 892
Hydraulic fracturing 410 620 814
Matrix stimulation 370 520 780
Reperforation 333 456 650
Development of overlying or underlying formations 333 456 650
Other 180 210 440


Drilling of new wells

The efforts we have made over the last few years resulted in a greater share of highly efficient drilling. In 2015 the Group more than doubled the amount of production drilling, both by drilling new wells, and due to the performance increase of Krashimprom

The Company commissioned 114 new wells, including 91 newly drilled wells, which is 65 wells more than in the previous year. Following the strategy for improving drilling efficiency, which involves avoiding drilling inefficient and uneconomic wells.

We plan to achieve further production growth through:

  • Maintaining the average production rate of new wells;
  • Increasing production drilling and subsequent commissioning of new wells;
  • Improving the quality of planning of geological and engineering operations and introducing new drilling and production technologies.